Applying to Medical Schools in Texas using TMDSAS

If you are interested in applying to medical schools in Texas, there is a different method of applying to medical schools using the TMDSAS, Texas Medical & Dental, Application Service.

The state of Texas does not use AMCAS, the centralized Medical School application service, but utilizes their own application service in order for students to apply to any medical or dental school in Texas.

Based on their 2016 applicant data, TMDSAS’ rate of acceptance included 5801 applicants applied to medical school in Texas, and 1718 enrolled. That is approximately 29% acceptance rate, if those who were accepted to a medical school, decided to enroll in a medical school in Texas. The average MCAT in 2016 for those applicants was a 507.2.

In the 2016-2017 year, AMCAS, the centralized medical school application service had 53,042 applicants that included 830,016 applications. Of those applicants, 21,030 matriculated into medical school. That is approximately 39% acceptance rate, however in AMCAS students submitted approximately 16 applications.

Participating Medical Schools in TMDSAS


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