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What is the IFOM Exam?

The National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) is an organization that designed the USMLE and is dedicated to developing high-quality assessments for health-care professionals.  The NBME created the IFOM – International Foundations of Medicine exam in 2010, dedicated to assessing the core knowledge of international students taking the exam. The USMLE traditionally has included many

Preparing for the IMAT Exam

Interested in studying at an English medical program in Italy? Beginning in 2012, the Italian Ministry of Education and the Universities and Research, MIUR, developed the IMAT exam for international students who wish to matriculate into an English medical program at an Italian medical school.  Below is how you can prepare for the IMAT exam

Unmatched Residency Applicants can work as Assisting Physicians in underserved areas

In 2014, Missouri, Indiana, and Kansas have signed a bill that would allow medical graduates that were unmatched to a residency program to prescribe medications and work as an assisting physician in rural and underserved areas. Due to the physician shortage, states are pushed with a difficult decision in increasing the physician workforce. Missouri decided

How Much Do Residents Make?

Once medical students graduate and become doctors, they enter the dreadful phase of RESIDENCY. Residency is mandatory in order to become a licensed physician and the shortest residency is 2-3 years. The good news is that residents receive a yearly salary. The bad news is that because residents are no longer considered students, they have

Joint Medical School Between the UK and Singapore: Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine

The Imperial College of London and Nanyang Technological University launched a joint medical school in Singapore - Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine.  This is the 3rd medical school in Singapore that will launch in October 2017. Students who graduate from Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine will receive an MBBS medical degree. The LKCMedicine is a five-year

Health Professionals that make over $100,000 annually (excluding Physicians)

Many students who are interested in the healthcare field falsely believe that only physicians make over $100,000. There are many other healthcare professionals that easily make over $100,000, including nurses and physician assistants. However, to be a nurse or a physician assistant making over $100,000, you need years of appropriate training and certification. CRNA –