Reasons to Study Medicine Abroad in Europe


Thousands of international students consider studying medicine abroad in Europe in English for a variety of reasons every year. Here are some of the top reasons why: Low Tuition fees International students who are interested in studying medicine in Europe can take advantage of enrolling in medical programs that have lower tuition fees than the United States or the U.K. The average annual tuition for attending medical school in the United States is roughly $60,000 a year. In many European countries, attending medical school is only a fraction of that cost, even for international students. Instruction of the medical program is [...]

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The Art of Medical Scribing: Gaining Clinical Experience While Getting Paid


Gain medical experience AND get paid? Win-Win! Prior to applying to medical school, I believed that in order to see if I was really cut out to be a doctor, I should first become a medical scribe. At the time, in 2008-09, medical scribes were not prevalent across the USA and only mainly in major cities.  However, months passed and medical scribe companies began popping up in almost every region, giving the opportunity for pre-medical students to obtain medical experience AND get paid That sounds too good to be true for a college student, especially since most pre-med students [...]

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