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Preparing for the IMAT Exam

Interested in studying at an English medical program in Italy? Beginning in 2012, the Italian Ministry of Education and the Universities and Research, MIUR, developed the IMAT exam for international students who wish to matriculate into an English medical program at an Italian medical school.  Below is how you can prepare for the IMAT exam

Joint Medical School Between the UK and Singapore: Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine

The Imperial College of London and Nanyang Technological University launched a joint medical school in Singapore - Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine.  This is the 3rd medical school in Singapore that will launch in October 2017. Students who graduate from Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine will receive an MBBS medical degree. The LKCMedicine is a five-year

Health Professionals that make over $100,000 annually (excluding Physicians)

Many students who are interested in the healthcare field falsely believe that only physicians make over $100,000. There are many other healthcare professionals that easily make over $100,000, including nurses and physician assistants. However, to be a nurse or a physician assistant making over $100,000, you need years of appropriate training and certification. CRNA –

How to Find an Appropriately Accredited Medical School in the Caribbean

Many Caribbean/offshore medical schools falsely advertise that they are “recognized by the Medical Board of California, ECFMG, IMEDs or FAIMER”, but essentially that has little meaning. Some Caribbean medical schools state that say they are accredited by: Medical Board of California FAIMER ECFMG NCFMEA These kind of statements are a red flag because they are