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    • COMMUNIQUE ADMISSION OF MAURITIAN STUDENTS IN INSTITUTIONS OF PAKISTAN UNDER PAKISTAN TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAMME (PTAP) ACADEMIC YEAR 2019-2020 Under the Pakistan Technical Assistance Programme (PTAP), the Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is offering seats for the 2019-2020 Academic Year to suitably qualified Mauritian candidates for admission in undergraduate programmes at D. Pharmacy and BSc Engineering levels: 2. Eligibility Requirements 2.1 Minimum Qualifications (i)  SC/GCE ‘O’ Level with credits in at least 5 subjects including English Language; and (ii)  Higher School Certificate or equivalent as follows:- For D. Pharmacy HSC with at least grade ‘C’ in each of Physics, Chemistry, Biology at main Level and at least a ’c’ in General Paper. For BSc Engineering HSC with at least grade ‘C’ in each of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and at least a ‘c’ in General Paper at one and same sitting. Note 1: With regard to D Pharm above, for candidates not having either Physics or Chemistry or Biology as part of their HSC combination at main level, a minimum of grade ‘C’ in the respective disciplines at GCE Advanced Level would be required, in addition to their HSC qualification. Preference will be given to the best qualified candidates. The scholarship is not tenable for offers in Medicine or Medicine - related fields. 2.2 Age Limit Candidates should not have reached 25 years of age by the closing date.      1 3. Conditions and criteria governing admission (i)  All admissions are subject to availability of seats and eligibility of nominated students. (ii)  Eligibility of students in terms of equivalence of certificates and grades will be determined by Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC), Islamabad. Once nominated, concerned Embassies/students will be expected to submit their equivalence certificates issued by IBCC, Islamabad. (iii)  The students admitted under the PTAP will be required to pay the prescribed fee applicable under the Programme to the institution concerned. The prescribed fees under this programme are comparable to local fees prescribed by Universities in Pakistan. Expenses on travelling, boarding and lodging (in University hostels) etc., are also to be borne by the students themselves. (iv)  After admission, application for the following will be governed by the relevant policy of the institution concerned:   Migration from one institution to another.   Exemption from tuition fee and other dues. (v)  For Admission Scholarship To Engineering Courses Students for Engineering Courses may be required to have passed the SAT I and SAT II or Entry Test, as prescribed by some of the Universities. Note 1: Students who do not have the SAT I and SAT II results but have sat for or have applied to sit for these exams should submit evidence thereof, and present the final certificate at the time of award or as may be required. Note 2: In absence of SAT I and SAT II results, universities may also request students to sit for an Entry Test to be held at the institution concerned in Pakistan. Note 3: All costs pertaining to any Provisional Entry Test in Pakistan will have to be borne by the student. (vi)  A person who reaches Pakistan on Entry/Tourist or Visit visa will not be eligible for admission to any educational institution in Pakistan. It is, therefore, imperative that the candidates should go to Pakistan only on student visa issued by the High Commission for Pakistan, Mauritius 2 (vii) Seats for foreign students are available in the institutions throughout Pakistan and the placement of students, which is the sole prerogative of the authorities concerned in Pakistan, would be made as and when admission starts in the institutions concerned subject to the availability of slots. Moreover, institutions are not bound to entertain the students after expiry of their prescribed deadline. (viii) Applicants are reminded that being nominated by the Ministry does not automatically guarantee selection for an award. The final decision to award the admission rests with the Donor Country. Note: (1) (2) Candidates are informed that a copy of their valid passport, 4 recent passport - size photographs and the equivalence of certificates (if applicable) will have to be submitted to the Ministry in case of nomination. The list of Universities that are open to students for enrollment under this scholarship programme can be consulted at www.ead.gov.pk. The list can be consulted on the website of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research at http://www.ministry-education.govmu.org 4. Mode of Application 4.1  Applications must be made on the prescribed form available at the Scholarships Section, Ministry of Education and Human Resources,Tertiary Education and Scientific Research, 1st Floor, MITD House, Phoenix,or downloaded from the Ministry’s website: http://ministry-education.govmu.org 4.2  All candidates should ensure that certified copies of certificates, transcripts of final university results/mark sheets and all other relevant documents relating to their qualifications are submitted to the Scholarships Section by the closing date. Non-submission of these documents may result in their elimination from the selection exercise. Certification of documents may be done at the Scholarships Section of the Ministry or at the Careers Guidance Service in Rose Hill. 4.3  The completed Application Forms along with all supporting documents should be submitted to the Scholarships Section, 1st Floor, MITD House, Phoenix by Monday 16th September 2019 at 14.00 hours at latest. 4.4  Responsible parties of applicants not in Mauritius may apply on behalf of their wards. 3   4.5 Applicants already in employment, whether public or private, must fill in the application forms in duplicate. One copy thereof along with the relevant supporting documents should be submitted to the Scholarships Section, and one copy to the applicant’s employer to enable the latter to decide on the release of applicant for the course, and if so, on what terms and conditions. Such information should be made available at the time of submission of application. 5. Candidates who would not have been informed of their nomination after six weeks as from the closing date for application should consider that they have not been selected. A Communiqué will be placed on the website in due course to inform applicants that the selection exercise has been completed. 05 September 2019 Scholarships Section Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research MITD House, Pont Fer Phoenix 73544 4
    • Is this a good thing or bad? Seems a bit unfair now if its just pass or fail.
    • Caribbean prepares you for the MCAT better than Europe!
    • What exactly does this mean for people who are waiting to take the Step 2? What impact will they see?
    • They are going to suspend Step 2 for the next 12-18 months... anyone planned on taking it? https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/931259    
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