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  1. Yes, this will be a big problem for many schools. What is the option for an IMG if their school is not prepared for 2023?
  2. What about everyone that says the Polish medical school system is built as a for profit system? Is this true? Can you tell us more about your experiences in Poland? Do they prepare you for the MCAT?
  3. Here are some top tips to succeed in med school. Feel free to contribute with your own tips. Utilize your free time - While on break make sure you utilize your free time the best way it suits. Dress the part - Aways look professional. Network - Go out there and meet people this will benefit you down the road. Balance - Balance your workload. Make sure you manage school and life by making time for both. Organize - You will receive large amounts of information in a short period of time making sure to organize this to your advantage. ASK FOR HELP! - Many people are willing to help. If you need help feel free to ask!
  4. Once again the adoption of a standardized exam would solve the issues of students having to consider taking multiple exams. Between the MCAT, IMAT, BMAT they should be able to put together one thats accepted by all. Im in the process of looking into the IMAT exam.. Thanks for the info
  5. They should consider administering a universal medical entrance exam. We need some standardization here...
  6. I have been using Khan academy and youtube videos to study for organic chemistry. Thank you for all the useful resources.
    Very helpful and in depth, however, a bit too long.
  7. This is great. Do you have any other MCAT study materials?
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