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  1. I always found Google search to be quite helpful in getting me through classes which gave me trouble. Sometimes text books are written more for the author's peers (to impress them) than for students, and a lot of knowledge is lost in unnecessarily complicating a sentence or paragraph. I find Google useful in these situations because it returns the same information, just presented in such a way I can actually understand it the first time I read it.
  2. Google has become infinitely better at determining credibility, though when I see plagiarists like Dr. Mercola or the other one (I forget his name) sitting near the top of search results for health/medical-related searches I can't say I see no room for improvement. Generally speaking though, Google will get you accurate results more often than not, and YouTube is a wealth of self-learning videos on all topics. Between Google, YouTube and Bing (which is still surprisingly popular and occasionally produces better results than Google, you should be able to find the answer to nearly any question. For what it's worth, Google was a tremendous help to me upon opening my clinic. My son built me a website as a gift, and Google showed my clinic website in search to prospective patients seeking a new doctor or one with my areas of specialty. It took almost no time to go from new with no patients to LANP's Nurse Practitioner of the Year (this was before I was a doctor). I would wager that Google's ability to fill my schedule had more than a little to do with that.
  3. Medical Office Building / Clinic For Lease - Great Location in Long Beach / Gulfport, MS There is building for rent in Long Beach, MS that would make for an ideal urgent-care, walk-in or general practice clinic. It looks like a house but is zoned commercial, and the floor plan was almost custom-built for a doctor or Nurse Practitioner's office. There's even a waiting room right inside the front door. The building is located next to the fire station and is one block off Jefferson Davis Avenue, the city's primary thoroughfare. Asking price from owner is a steal for a building across the street from court house and one block from the city's busiest street. I believe they're asking around $1000/month. Terms are negotiable. For more photos and to contact the realtor managing the property, please visit PeterEgan.net.
  4. The minimum is three years regardless of specialty. Of course, some specialties require more, but three is the bare minimum for a first-time resident. The link posted above appears to be accurate.
  5. Hi. I'm new to this site.
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