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  1. I agree, this is what i used USMLE material to study for the IFOM. I will try and put some resources together for us to use.
  2. Is anyone preparing for the 2018 IFOM exam, if so how are you preparing?
  3. Is anyone preparing for the IMAT 2018? What are you doing to prepare?
  4. Thank you so much! These are great not just for the IMAT but for other exams aswell!
  5. What is considered a IFOM passing score? Does anyone have more information on how the scoring works. Is this based on a pass/fail or based on score #. Thanks
  6. Three (3) years is the bare minimum for residency in the USA. Good luck!
  7. Enjoying this so far
  8. This would be great but i dont see this happening anytime soon. Different countries have different expectations, regulations and each country/school would want it done their way i believe.
  9. Flash cards are life savers! Youtube is a great resource too.
  10. Im starting to read some Tony Buzan books, he teaches you techniques of mind mapping, how to remember things which is key in medical school. Take a look at some of his books or his website: http://www.tonybuzan.com/
  11. I can also confirm that this is true for Austria. I believe its a couple hundred euros a month
  12. I think google did make us stupid, before we would learn critical thinking skills, if we didnt know something we would think about it now we just ask google....
  13. I have not taken it but considering it: Following this thread! Take a look here: https://medrookie.com/community/threads/the-international-version-of-the-usmle-ifom.9/#post-30
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