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  1. I think the technology is interesting can help out when doing operations, the virtual realty will let the surgeon see what it is like being the head surgeon when doing a operation. It can show what can be done to prevent bleeding in certain areas and also, see what improvements can be done as well. The money is well worth it and, hope more improvements can be done and help out in the difficult operations that surgeons have to do in the hospitals. It can make the viewer see what is done, and see which areas need to be careful when doing large operations and simulated ones could happen when the funding is approved and handled well.
  2. I think students should have been taught this in school and, ask questions about what is allowed and what is not allowed in the medical ethics of torture and starvation. There should be more awareness and, meeting people in the military and learn what they should do and not do in situations. I think this is strange the psychology students have, not received instructions on these matters when they should have been told about this. More interaction is needed and also, more research needs to be done and so the students can know what to do and how to react.
  3. I think many students want to go to other countries and get higher pay and, feel will be more valued over there. In rural areas would not get much work, and the pay may not be as great as it is working in a big city and meeting people on a daily basis. In Africa if there were more workers, and it would have been combated well and the students would have knowledge and be able to educate people in caring for their health and knowing what causes the virus in the first place. Health issues need to be looked at, in rural areas as they are the ones lacking in getting help and the people there do not have the money in most cases to even go to a doctor or turn to herbal treatment or shaman who say do this and do not go to doctor as it is bad.
  4. I think this is a good way, to get hands on experience by using a simulator and see what are you doing right and what you need to improve on in the class. So students can practice and see if they can find the human body parts on a simulator robot and see if they can identify problems and name them. Students will be learning a lot from this new advancement and can get experience before going to the clinic instead of just looking at books and pictures all the time. So teachers can see if the students are using the right techniques and solutions when it comes to diseases and see where they are going right and where they are going wrong in the process, it is a good new tool and should be used in more schools.
  5. I think trying to do practice ones will give you a chance at gaining knowledge and trying to pass the test the first time and do well. I think some questions are not needed as, they have no use to be in the questions and just there to see what we would do in the situation. The cost of doing it would be needed to know, otherwise you are spending money each time sitting it and not passing so need to have some practice and hope you can pass it the first time. I think the length is alright and the time given is suitable as you can relax that you will not run out of time when doing the exam and get stressed out at the end.
  6. A new hospital will need to be built,as having another medical school in the same area will cause problems when students work at the hospital and not enough patients are there to work on or visit. The class size should be decided on and also how many students are going to the hospital and who should go first and see if they can build another one to keep up with the new students. They would need to have a new hospital as it is logical and more patients will be there and the trainee doctors can learn there as well. Using just one hospital will cause problems, and get overcrowded and not be good for the hospital and many student who have been going there on a regular basis may miss out due to the new students.
  7. I have read about this, and it as good improvement to have the first medical course in the English language which will see more students attend it. A lot of international people will be able to come and learn here, and meet new people and see how the course works and gain experience from it. I hope it expands more, and people can learn English as well when attending the course and may learn about different cultures from the people coming from other countries and do well in the course. The vision is coming true for the former president and what he wanted has happened and will continue to grow in the coming months and years.
  8. The University where I go to, it has partnership with USA and Australia and some other countries where you can go on exchange trips. Some students have been able to go overseas and been assisted with funding and attending a University at another country and learned a lot from the experience. So there are opportunities, to choose a elective at different hospitals and gain more knowledge and do well in other areas and meet new people and get to know each other. I know some people who went overseas and had a nice experience and meet new people and enjoyed the trip they got funding for and enjoyed the stay.
  9. In New Zealand the medical school requires you do one year first year health science which has human body, chemistry, physics, cells and biochem and human body 2 and English as well. Before the year ends, you need to take a Umat test which is similar to the Mcat test. There are 126 questions, it was when I did it before last year could have increased and the cost to sit can be different depending on where you doing it. The medical school is around 5 years since Health science is your first year so the next 4 is the medical school years you spend to become a doctor and be able to work. The questions make you think, and see what you would do in the scenario and test your brain to the limit and some questions can be easy or hard as I found it to be.
  10. In New Zealand where I live, there is Otago University and does offer some online courses would need to read on the website if you need to attend the campus or can do it online. You would need practical experience as that is what you will need when doing the job. You would need to check if the online learning is beneficial and, what the costs are and is there help if you need it if you have any problems or issues while doing the course. You would need to have hands on experience in labs, as that is where you can apply the theory you learned online and apply it in the class.
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