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    Excellent tjamGreat resource for the USMLE Step 1. Thank you!
    If you want to do well on your anatomy section you must use this! Thank you so much for the upload!
    Great! This helped me score well on my anatomy section!
    Great set of notes however I would recommend trying to shorten it. Otherwise very useful!
    Very useful thank you so much for the great notes!
    Amazing! Thank you so so much!!
  1. Here is some info i was able to find about the IFOM BSE but i cant seem to find testing locations. The IFOM Basic Science Exam The International Foundations of Medicine® (IFOM®) Basic Science Exam (BSE) is a comprehensive examination designed to assess examinees’ knowledge of the basic medical sciences. Schools that use a traditional curriculum (in which students are taught basic sciences first and then progress to clinical training) often administer the IFOM BSE prior to the start of clinical training, but the exam is also used for other purposes. For What Purposes Is the IFOM BSE Used? Schools and other organizations use the exam in the following ways: End-of-course, end-of-year, or end-of-training assessment Part of admission requirements (with the IFOM Clinical Science Exam or other exams) for an internship or residency program Curriculum or assessment benchmarking, eg, comparing the IFOM BSE scores to scores on a local assessment or comparing the IFOM BSE scores of students experiencing different types of curricula The IFOM BSE is also used by individual students and graduates for personal benchmarking, for applying to residency programs, and for preparation to take the United States Medical Licensing Exam® (USMLE®) Step 1. The exam comprises 160 multiple-choice questions, most of which are presented in clinical vignette style, in order to assess examinees’ ability to not just recall but also apply basic medical science knowledge. The following content areas are covered: Anatomy Biochemistry Histology and Cell Biology Microbiology Organ Systems Pathology Pharmacology Physiology Source: http://www.nbme.org/ifom/bse.html
  2. How are you studying for the IMAT? What resources are you using? I have been looking for books but cant seem to find many out there. thanks
  3. Yea, it looks like after 2023 if your school is not "accredited" you will not be able to receive a ECFMG certificate. Let ECFMG 2023 begin!
  4. Hi, Are there any other exams like the USMLE?
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