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  1. Take a look here, great write up about preparing for the IMAT. The article also includes some links to IMAT resources. Will try to dig up more when I get some free time. https://medrookie.com/preparing-imat-exam/
  2. I know a few people who spent anywhere from two to four months studying for the IMAT. Ill try to poke around for some study plans you can use. When do you plan on taking it?
  3. Found a few things here for the MCAT. https://medrookie.com/community/resources/categories/mcat.6/
    Very long but good quality.
    Great resource for anything!
  4. Has anyone here used a third party service (consultants) to submit your applications to medical school I know many of these services are popping up everywhere, its hard to identify which ones are legit and which ones are scams. I have read about many application services being scams in the past. What are your experiences? Thanks!
  5. Just came across this again. Its crazy how we cant go a single day without Google in our [HASHTAG]#life[/HASHTAG].
  6. This is the tipping point. If funding for international students was available it would be a game changer. Both from the students stand point of view and the ones offering the electives. One issue i could see is that there would be to many applicants for the funding so it would be a harder process of filtering, this would also drive competition. But i guess competition is never really a bad thing.
  7. I found that shadowing was very beneficial. I think you should do as much as possible. It also exposes you to the doctors work day, this is extremely helpful when deciding which field you're looking into. Not as much as i would have liked to. However i did do a bit reading on the subjects
  8. I asked to add the new one.. here it is https://medrookie.com/threads/mar-31-2016-2016-amsa-convention-exposition-arlington-va.446/
  9. QuickSelver


    Welcome! Good to have you here. Not sure if you have seen but they have a pretty nice school review system here. I love reading school reviews and comparing them to mine. Would love to read a review about Largos University. Take a look here: https://medrookie.com/schools/university-of-lagos-college-of-medicine.1784/
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