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  1. After reading one of the articles here (https://medrookie.com/looming-2023-deadline-1st-year-international-medical-students-may-not-able-practice-usa/). Its crazy to see whats going to happen to International Medical Graduates in 2023. What can students do to try to encourage their schools to get on board with 2023?
  2. The time has come where some can't live without Google. I tend to use it quite often and don't think it has any major impacts on me in terms of being "stupid".
  3. Yes, this is true. They pay you a stipend for you to do electives there. I believe a few countries in the EU do this.
  4. I would imagine this depends on your school. I would also be interested in being able to search for clerkships a bit easier.
  5. I would like some good writing about why such a in need career is so damn expensive. Thanks
  6. I completely agree it needs to be standardized testing for all.
  7. Honestly, just read read read and make sure you understand. Another big thing is making sure you know what you're getting into
  8. Great lost! Now I'm the USA internal medicine is a must?
  9. Google search is the way to go. I usually search for PDFs flash cards or videos.
  10. this is a great question and i think that most ppl use agencies to get into medical schools either in Europe or in the Caribbean. i was approached by an agency to use their services to apply for a medical school in poland however they wanted so much $$$. I did the whole process by myself and got into a medical school. i think if you are determined to get through medical school by yourself then you should take the time and learn how to apply directly to the school with no middle-man.
  11. Has anyone heard about the GEMs program in georgetown university? my friend went through the program - it is an experimental medical studies program that helps students who dont have high grades in sciences and MCAT to go through the program and helps them with admission at georgetown u. she ended up getting accepted into medical school at georgetown u (washington dc) and is currently in her 3rd year. i wonder if other schools have similar programs like these to help students who dont come from a science background from the beggining? http://som.georgetown.edu/prospectivestudents/specialprograms/experimental
  12. Hello everyone - my name is Yuri and i am a 5th yr student at a medical school in Poland. I am loving this idea of having students connected from all over the world and i am looking forward to speaking with everyone.. ill do my best to contribute!
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