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Tohoku University School Of Medicine

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6 Years
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Tohoku University is contributing to the development of medicine as a global core for medical education and research.

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  1. MedEdGuru
    I hope you will study in Tohoku University with us
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Mar 18, 2015
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    • + The atmosphere of the Liberal One of the important characteristics of the Tohoku University is its atmosphere of the Liberal. The University has the belief that students should not be discriminated based on gender, nationality ...etc. We can confirm this by the fact that Tohoku University is the first University that accepted female students at a time when the Japanese government said that woman did not need education. Do you know that Lu Xun was in the Tohoku University before he went back to his home country and started writing books? In addition, this Liberal atmosphere led to the Koichi Tanaka`s Nobel Prize, who won the prize for the Mass spectrometry, Endo Akira's statin development and so on...
    • - In my personal opinion, there are very ambitious Professors and amount budget to do the projects in my University and I hope to work here in the future. However, system for medical students still have room to be polished comparing to the foreign Universities. We have very limited educational resources, such as the number of teachers, the accommodation of the library, and so on. We have to take good with bad, as always.
    Tohoku University was estimated in 1907 (Actually, the history of the medical
    department can go back to 1817, older than others ) and the third national University
    in Japan.
    Now there are over 15 thousands students in Tohoku University and out of that,
    about a thousand belong to the medical department. The president of the University
    used to be a director of the Tohoku University Hospital.

    Disaster Science
    Maybe some of you have heard of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.
    Tohoku University is located in the severely affected area. The University has been
    taking leadership from immediately after the Earthquake. Professor Ishii Tadashi
    MD, who is also famous after being featured by the Times, is the specialist in this.
    The University established the International Research Institute of Disaster
    Science(IRIDES) to make the most of our experience and to never forget the
    This is a very unique attempt of the University and must be valuable experience for
    the students.
    The Tohoku medical mega bank
    Tohoku University made Tohoku medical mega bank, where the University take
    biosamples from inhabitants. These biosample cohort is essential for evidence
    based medicine, whose importance keeps on rising from now on.
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  1. To all young people wishing to learn medical science

    Tohoku University is contributing to the development of medicine as a global core for medical education and research.

    Since its very inception, Tohoku University principles have been: “Research First,” “Open Door,” and “Practice Oriented.” We have built on these core values through our mission of fostering leaders and practitioners of health and medicine who are equipped with advanced medical knowledge, techniques, and character. These outstanding researchers can operate on a global stage and lead cutting-edge academic and creative research in their mission to contribute to enhancing human health and welfare globally.

    Tohoku University School of Medicine is now having its 140th anniversary, founded as it was in 1872 as Miyagi Prefectural Medical Institution. Presently, the Graduate School of Medicine consists of Medical Science, Disability Sciences, and Health Sciences, and the School of Medicine (undergraduate) consists of Medical Science and Health Science. Graduate education is carried out in partnership with the Institute of Development, Aging, and Cancer and the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering. Also, undergraduate education is carried out in partnership with the Tohoku University Hospital.