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Yerevan State Medical University Named For Mkhitar Heratsi

Accept International Students:

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    Yerevan State Medical University

    The Medical Faculty of Yerevan State University was founded in March of 1922 on the basis of Yerevan Medical School. Dr. Spandarat Kamsarakan, a skillful organizer of public health services was appointed to head the faculty. On the path to organizing the educational process there were numerous challenges and obstacles; namely lacking auditoriums, laboratories, clinical hospitals, medical equipment, tools and devices, relevant manuals; in furtherance, the faculty consisted of 6 persons.

    Thus, the anatomic-physiological institute served as an educational base for medical faculty and was located in a building not offering even elementary environmental conveniences. This building hardly housed the chairs of normal anatomy, physiology and histology. The chair of pathological anatomy temporarily operated in the second hospital of the city, and pharmacology chair ??? in one of premises of Cultural Center of the City Council.