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Yerevan University of Traditional Medicine


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    Yerevan University of Traditional Medicine


    The University of Traditional Medicine /UTM/ was founded in 1991. The University is the unique by its peculiarity and has no analogues in the region. The University aims at training new quality doctor specialists, who will develop the medicine of the XXI century in the direction of traditional medicine parallel to the modern medicine, due to acquired theoretical and practical knowledge and modern clinical peculiar thinking they use methods of diagnostics and treatment of modern and traditional medicines.
    It was promoted by including some subjects of traditional medicine in the educational program, such as subjects of traditional medicine in the educational program, such as Moxibustion /needly-burning/, therapy, phytotherapy, iridodiagnostics, homeopathy, manual therapy etc. The initiative to include the traditional medicine of a century-old history, in the higher educational process, as well as our work in the development of the integrative medicine was appraised best at the international conference organized in Cyprus, 1998 as the first and progressive to try to prepare integrative medicine specialists.
    The University got the state accreditation in 2001 and the graduates are awarded a state-authorized diploma, asserting to work in the state and private clinics and scientific institutions. (Rector's message: website)