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How Do You Study for the MCAT?

Discussion in 'MCAT' started by MedEdGuru, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. MedEdGuru

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    There are so many different strategies in studying for the MCAT, so let's collect them all in one place! When I took the MCAT, these were my go to strategies:

    1. Practice Tests every Friday. Every week I would sit down and take a practice test and it was the hardest thing to do. But it helped me get used to the feeling of sitting down for 4 hours and grueling it through.

    2. Flashcards - You can make these on an app now and review them when on the bus, etc.

    3. Examkrackers books - These helped me remember information and was more exciting than Kaplan books. But I took the exam a few years ago and they may have evolved since then.

    4. Identify your weakest areas first - I was terrible in Physics so I made sure I spent more time reviewing Physics than Chemistry.

    Also, it is important to study at your own pace. I would always become stressed when my friends would say they scored xx on their practice test and they study 8+ hours a day. It would just make me more stressed out and feel bad about myself. The biggest challenge is against yourself and DISCIPLINE!

    What other strategies helped you study for the MCAT?
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  2. rosequartz

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    Thank you for sharing these strategies.
    I have decided to take the MCAT next Spring as this semester is a bit more demanding than I thought it would be. And, I am doing research over Summer along with volunteer work, and shadowing doctors. But I'll surely use these tips when the time comes. :)

    I agree with working on your weaknesses... I'll have to focus more on chemistry than physics lol. I love physics! (after biology of course)
  3. kathy_mcat

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    Hello, I would like to share some tips I learned from Gold Standard MCAT. Here they are:

    How to study for the MCAT
    1. Create your study schedule
    2. Study your books/ebooks and videos, class notes
    3. Do chapter review practice questions and practice materials
    4. Consolidate: create and review your brief notes; review notes daily as the exam approaches.

    If you study to remember, you will forget it. But if you study to understand, you will remember. When you study, always start with the subject you like least. Make sure your notes are very, very concise so they can be reviewed with increased frequency.

    I hope this helps!
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