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  • Clinical electives and training funding.

    Posted by MedRookie on March 24, 2015 at 2:24 pm

    When it comes to students doing clinical electives or research projects one of the main issues that comes up is the funding.

    I have talked to many students (especially from the Middle East and Africa) and their main issue is the money. They are extremely qualified and very intelligent but when it comes to financing its a roadblock.

    Where do students like this get funding? I know if you’re a US Citizen and doing a elective or research project inside the US you can usually find some scholarship like here. However what do others do that are not US Citizens?
    Are there any global organization that provide this type of funding regarding of where you come from or what citizenship you hold?

    A good example I have is a good friend of mine. He’s from the Middle East and applied to a Harvard elective. He figured I will just give it a shot and see what happens.
    Next thing you know he was accepted. After receiving all the details he came to realize that he had overlooked the price of this elective (I believe somewhere in the $4,500 range). He figured this was a lot of money for a elective however he also realized that not many people get the chance to do electives at Harvard (at least not people from his region).
    He ended up taking a loan out to complete the elective.

    What do people do when taking out a loan is not a option?

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