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  • New Books from MCAT Publishing, INC

    Posted by MedRookie on April 1, 2016 at 5:11 pm

    C.A.R.S. Review! – New from MCAT Publishing, INC: Practice Test 1. Prepare for Test Day with superb, realistic practice. Verified passages, questions, answers, and exact format to precisely match the real thing. Newly-modified for 2016; designed to help you succeed. This new edition includes an expert mapping system and passage summaries. Practice makes data, and this book will teach you how to use that data to guarantee Test Day Success!

    Physics Formula Mastery – New from MCAT Publishing, INC: Become an expert at MCAT Physics with professional tips, analysis, and advice. These never-before-seen questions will make you think creatively about Physics and help you gain a deep understanding of the material. 120 formulas explained and demonstrated; Practice Application Test to check your progress.

    MCAT Chemistry and Math Tips – New from MCAT Publishing, INC: Logarithms constitute an intimidating area of MCAT math, and they show up on pH, pI, pOH, pKa, pKb, and decibel questions. For those few of you who want to conquer the logarithm questions, this guide is for you. Complete Review of MCAT math techniques and how they relate to content topics, plus expert analysis for Rate Laws and Solubility Product questions.

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