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  • MedRookie

    January 3, 2016 at 2:44 pm
    Kittie, post: 317, member: 0 wrote:
    I haven’t taken this class yet, but it’s coming up very soon for me. I’m a little nervous about it because some of my friends have told me that it is a very fast-paced class with a lot of information to learn. I am usually really good at memorizing things, so hopefully that will help me out. I see a lot of sleepless nights in my near future!

    Extremely fast paced, and so much info crammed. Your best bet will be to just memorize. I was forced just to memorize and later down the road went into details and tried to understand what i had memorized.

    Melly, post: 318, member: 0 wrote:
    I used the flash card method for the most part. The act of writing stuff down helps me to learn and then being able to take the flash cards anywhere and going through them when I have any spare time helps too. The ones I had the most trouble with I taped to the bathroom mirror and the refrigerator. For those who don’t have time to make their own flash cards there are several sites that have them already done for you. :)

    Flash cards work wonders. I believe there are some flash cards you can download here in the resource section.