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  • MedRookie

    January 16, 2016 at 3:38 pm
    Kittie, post: 317, member: 0 wrote:
    I haven’t taken this class yet, but it’s coming up very soon for me. I’m a little nervous about it because some of my friends have told me that it is a very fast-paced class with a lot of information to learn. I am usually really good at memorizing things, so hopefully that will help me out. I see a lot of sleepless nights in my near future!

    Yes, it is fast-paced, but as long as revise what’s taught in a week over the weekend and practice problems you will not need to compromise on sleep. Also, try to get a hold of old exams to get an idea of what your professor tends so emphasize i.e. mechanisms and reagents, synthesis reactions or spectroscopy- NMR specifically. My organic chemistry II professor grilled us on NMR both in lecture and lab, while my first semester professor focused on mechanisms and Newman projections.

    QuickSelver, post: 319, member: 6 wrote:
    I was forced just to memorize and later down the road went into details and tried to understand what i had memorized.

    I can relate to this! :D I know the mechanism steps, just not completely sure why it’s so. Honestly, I am glad to be done with organic chemistry!