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  • MedRookie

    April 11, 2015 at 4:08 pm
    QuickSelver, post: 313, member: 6 wrote:
    If you’re taking it this summer i recommend you start reading a bit now!

    Yeah, I have started on it and finished reading the first four chapters. The first two are an overview of Organic chemistry principles and properties of organic compounds. The other two are on Alkanes and Halogenation. I’ll be rereading these two today and try a whack at the problems.

    QuickSelver, post: 313, member: 6 wrote:
    I would say yes and no, Important because they will most likely be on the exam, not important because God knows when it will come up again.

    There’s a lot of stuff I wonder on if I’ll ever use again. Taylor Series (in Calculus) tops for one.

    QuickSelver, post: 313, member: 6 wrote:
    At times i pretend that im giving the lecture and teaching it to others. Works well!

    I enjoy it especially because it’s like a review of what you’ve studied and if the other person understands, you know you’ve got the concept right.

    QuickSelver, post: 313, member: 6 wrote:
    I prefer Biochemistry over Organic Chemistry however Bio will be much easier if you have a good understanding of Orgo.

    So all of chemistry is interconnected, everything is important to get the whole picture.

    Now, I’m hopeful because if I can finish O-Chem by Fall, I can take Biochemistry next semester which means I start preparing for the MCAT that I should take early next year, and if all goes to plan, September should be the moment I’ve been waiting for. :)

    Thank you for your answers [USER=6]QuickSelver[/USER].