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  • MedRookie

    June 12, 2018 at 11:21 am

    Many thanks.
    Just wondering you had mentioned a minimum competitive score might be 50.
    1. Is that 50 out of a maximum of 90 marks?
    2. What is the statistics for all who got into an Italian medical school as far as the minimum score out of 90 for both EU and non-Eu applicants please?
    3. Is the number of European applicants smaller and therefore have less competition compared to the number of non-EU applicants?
    4. Are the fees significantly different for the MD in English program for EU and non-EU enrolled students on average?
    5. Are all Italian MD degrees recognised by WHO and the medical councils in Western Europe?
    6. Regarding the IMAT exam, do assessors look at scores for individual sections or just the overall score out of 90?
    7. Do the MD Degrees in English language studied in Italy have the same depth, standard, value, credibility, reputation and described by the same degree abbreviations (MD, etc) as medical degrees completed in Italy studied purely in Italian language?
    8. Does one have to sit the test for the same year of admission? Could one sit the test one year and apply for study for another year?

    Much appreciated

    TheDoc, post: 994, member: 262 wrote:
    [USER=63]@rosequartz[/USER] this is great! Thank you so so much!