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  • MedRookie

    January 23, 2016 at 2:48 am
    MedEdGuru, post: 701, member: 3 wrote:
    A great pro is that Italian medical universities are much cheaper in tuition than medical schools in USA (around $3000-10,000 per year) and some teach in English.

    Thank you, I’m glad you mentioned the tuition fee. I will add that to the original post as the tuition fee could be less than 3000 even depending on your financial situation. Also that this is a six year degree program (4 year bachelor + 2 year Master specialization degree).

    MedEdGuru wrote:
    Just out of curiousity, why didn’t you attend medical school in Italy? Was there a better option? :)

    Good question! I did not attend because I had not completed 12th grade at the time (i.e. had my finals going on in mid-May back then) and that was a prerequisite for getting the high school equivalency to apply for a student visa. My official result was announced in August and I had already missed the deadline for applying for the Italian visa and getting all the academic documents equated and translated. I didn’t expect to get selected in the first place given the candidates I met in the exam hall who seemed much more promising than I did, I still see it as a miracle. Looking back, it was a good option and still is, but per circumstance I could not attend. I only hope the future holds good options for me or something similar. :rolleyes:

    QuickSelver, post: 700, member: 0 wrote:
    Good write up! Thanks! Defiantly favoriting this.

    Thank you [USER=6]QuickSelver[/USER], appreciate it. Hope to have it completed on Sunday. :)