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  • MedRookie

    April 1, 2015 at 6:23 pm

    Is Google making us stupid?

    I would say Yes and No.

    I would agree that nowadays if someone does not know the answer to something the first thing they do is “Google it” or “Ask Siri”. Doing this can be very bad because the person looking for the answer is not really challenging themselves. When kids are growing up at times you want to challenge them, it helps with development. We are now bypassing the thinking, and challenging ourselves and immediately looking for a direct answer.

    The other argument would be that having Google is GREAT! If you don’t know the answer you can simply find it and find many different explanations for why this is the answer. I remember in primary school when asking the professor a question that they would not know; they usually would say “Ill get back to you on that one”. However now they can immediately provide a answer for you just by using their smartphone and Google.

    I use Google just about daily, for everything. I don’t think the current generation will understand a world without Google. It will be hard to explain to them that there were times when you needed a answer you would have to go to the library look it up or ask multiple people.

    As long as the person challenges themselves and doesn’t directly go to google I personally think its not making us any more stupid.