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  • MedRookie

    April 20, 2015 at 1:37 am
    rosequartz, post: 539, member: 0 wrote:
    I think you will definitely not need to retake as you’ve done your homework really well. All the best! (Y)
    I plan to take the MCAT sometime next Spring as by then I will have studied all the subjects on the new exam.

    I agree with you here, the new tests too long. Psych is an interesting science. May I ask what your major is? I’m a Bio major (with minors in Economics and Business Administration-Management).
    I am a Bio Major with a Psych minor. Many of my bio elective classes have been centered around the brain, just because I am especially interested in it. THis helps with the anatomical and physiological questions on the psych section of the MCAT.

    Are you using ExamKrackers for all subjects? How are you preparing for the CARS section?
    Eagerly look forward to your posts in the thread QuickSelver shared.
    [USER=6]QuickSelver[/USER] you ask a lot of good questions. :)
    There is an ExamKrackers study book specifically for the CARS section. I purchased the whole ExamKrackers MCAT2015 package for about $250. Link provided here: My undergrad institution is liberal arts, so I feel that I have a good handle on a variety of topics. I also read for pleasure during winter and summer breaks, so I feel that I have a good grasp on comprehension.

    Would you like to share those questions? I have got a collection of MCAT 2015 questions too that I will post soon after my finals end next month.

    Here is an example of the MCAT2015 Question of the Day from yesterday:

    Which of the following best describes what semantic and episodic memories have in common?

    Please click on the correct answer:

    A They refer to factual knowledge retained
    B Their activity is highly concentrated in the hippocampus
    C They are a type of working memory
    D They are most easily described in words

    If you are interested in getting such emails, here is the link to sign up!