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  • MedRookie

    October 11, 2014 at 11:54 am
    Sweetkymom, post: 50, member: 0 wrote:
    In your honest opinion, are online med schools just as beneficial as the brick and mortar schools? I’m seriously thinking about joining a med school within the next year but I want to take most of all the basics online before I attend an actual campus for all the other needed courses.

    If you’ve taken online med school classes, what school did you go through? Was it an accredited school? Would you recommend someone like me to that school as a beginner?

    Online med schools are popping up everywhere nowadays. Its really hard to tell if a online school would work for a certain individual. Everyone is different and in Med school you need discipline and a good schedule.
    For example Im a medical student at the moment and if i choose too i can miss class and still be up to date by studying the lectures on my own.

    If you’re a person that can study on your own without being side tracked then I would say a online medical school would work for you. However make sure that the school you will be attending (medical school, not the online one) will accept and accredit your premed courses.

    Where do you plan on going to medical school (country)? Are you just out of High School, have a college degree? If you have a degree already and just want to knock out premed classes before you take the mcat then self study online programs wouldn’t be bad either.

    If you give me some more details about your current situation maybe i can give you a much better answer.