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  • MedRookie

    August 2, 2017 at 8:44 am

    Nevis (and other Caribbean and Central American Countries)

    My son, Peter Egan, has a friend who enrolled in medical school in Nevis (a Caribbean volcanic island) after being declined by numerous US-based schools. Within two weeks he and a friend who was with him visiting and helping him get acquainted were detained by authorities and held in custody until one of their fathers showed up with what can only be described as “ransom money.”


    Needless to say after that ordeal the young man was ready to return to a first-world country, withdrew from med school in Nevis and enrolled in culinary school in the US. The man now runs a catering business and manages a restaurant in Louisiana.

    That said, there are many people who attend medical school outside of the united states, and their credentials are almost universally accepted by respective state and federal boards and accrediting associations.

    Another option is to reapply every year until you gain acceptance. I know another person who failed 4-5 years consecutively (he naturally came across – unintentionally – as condescending, and kept failing the interview portion). He finally realized the flaws in his communication style and took a speaking course to help correct it, and passed the interview portion the following year, allowing him to enroll five years after he first applied.