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  • MedRookie

    April 12, 2015 at 10:10 pm
    QuickSelver, post: 487, member: 0 wrote:
    Id like to return back home which is the USA. I would have to pass my USMLE’s, Apply for the Match and get Matched and then complete my Residency. There are a few procedures before that like going through ECFMG.
    This specific country because its home to me.

    Getting a residency in the States is really competitive, but what a doctor has done, a doctor can do. I would recommend going through the Charting the Outcomes in the Match report, published last August. It provides stats about successful candidates who matched their preferred specialties, their USMLE scores and their research and volunteer experiences respectively. I wish you all the best with your future endeavours.

    Well, I am still undecided on where I should practice. But, I have got a long way to go, this can wait till then.