Why You Should Get Credit for AP Sciences in High School before College

High school students who are interested in becoming a doctor should highly consider taking as many AP science courses not only to increase their GPA but to also place out of the basic science courses in the beginning of freshman year in college. Not taking the AP science exam at the end of the high school year is a big mistake. Here’s why.

Getting Credit for AP Courses could save you up to $6,000+ per course.

If you tested and received college credit for AP Chemistry, that equals approximately $4000 in savings if you went to a private college. (Source) If you went to a public college, your savings could be $1,000 for the very same course.

Nearly all colleges and universities in the United States grant credit and placement for qualifying AP scores. Most universities accept AP credit for scores 3 or higher, be sure to check their cut off scores before taking an AP exam.

How Much is the AP Exam?

As of 2016, the cost of an AP Exam is $93. Not expensive at all considering that you would be saving over $6,000 dollars and up to 196 hours of instruction, and innumerous hours spent studying for exams.

Where Can I See If A College Accepts My AP Credits?

You can check the AP Credit Search database here to see if your university will accept credit for AP exams, the minimum accepted exam scores, and the college credit equivalency.

Cost of Private College Chemistry Course

 For example, if you decided to attend George Washington University in Washington D.C, you can use the AP Credit search to see if they accept AP Chemistry exam for college credits.

$1300 per credit,

Full year of Chemistry is 8 credits

$1300 x 8 = $10,000 for college chemistry course

This does not include Chemistry lab which is usually 1 credit hour.

Take as many AP science classes you can in high school and try to score a 4 or above in order to take credit. Also, take summer science classes at a local community college so that you have more time to focus on one science class during the summer sessions. Taking science classes in the summer will help you boost your GPA instead of worrying about multiple classes during the Fall and Spring semesters.

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