Joint Medical School Between the UK and Singapore: Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine

The Imperial College of London and Nanyang Technological University launched a joint medical school in Singapore – Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine.  This is the 3rd medical school in Singapore that will launch in October 2017. Students who graduate from Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine will receive an MBBS medical degree. The LKCMedicine is a five-year medical program that is awarded jointly by the Imperial College London and NTU.

Accredited by Singapore Medical Council, however, it is not accredited by the General Medical Council of the UK. According to their website, “is not considered a UK Primary Medical Qualification and therefore will not entitle the holder to provisional registration with the GMC.” At this time, students who are enrolled at Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine cannot participate in clinical rotations or activities at the Imperial College of London, since there is no formal exchange program between the two medical programs.

The first class of students began matriculating in 2013 and are expected to graduate in 2018.  International students are welcome to apply and the medical program is in English.

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