Medical Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has permeated throughout the world quickly and especially placed health professionals, doctors, nurses, and essential workers on the front line. Medical students are impacted by this pandemic in a variety of ways and many of them are facing disruptions in their education.

As each country slips into national emergencies, medical schools are closing their campuses, and shifting their courses virtually. Other medical students are joining their local health workforce to help fight the pandemic.  Faced with shortage of personal protection equipment (PPE), medical students are also endangering themselves by assisting front-line responders.

The AMA (American Medical Association) in the United States published guidelines on how medical students should participate during this pandemic. However, with the lack of personal protective equipment, countries are faced with unique challenges to their own healthcare system.

This pandemic will shape the future of medicine, and medical students will play a very important part in the future of global health.

When all of this is over, many questions remain:

  • What role can medical students play in their local healthcare system to battle this pandemic?
  • What will the future of medical education look like after this pandemic is over?
  • Will medical students want to study abroad for medicine?
  • Will there be an increase in virtual education or online classes?


How are you affected by this pandemic? Comment below!

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