Where to Publish Articles While in Medical School

Graduating medical school and finding a training program has become increasingly competitive. Now, residency program directors are not only looking at your exam scores and grades, but they are also looking at your presentations, research, or whether or not you published articles. It’s already tough trying to balance time between classes, studying, sleeping, family, friends, and preparing for your national exams, but prioritizing research and publishing sets you as a competitive applicant for residency.

Journals Targeted by Medical Students

The International Journal of Medical Students (IJMS) 

The International Journal of Medical Students (IJMS) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal, that is targeted for medical students around the world, who are interested in conducting research and who have the common goal of medical and scientific development. This journal is open access to all of its content to ensure that research is available to the public for the vision of exchanging medical knowledge globally.

IFMSA – Medical Student International

The IFMSA Medical Student International is a bi-annual magazine that is open for article submissions from medical students worldwide. The magazine focuses on global health perspectives and each magazine has a theme.

Journal for American Medical Association

JAMA is the most widely circulated medical journal in the world, with more than 320,000 recipients of the print journal.1 JAMA is published 48 times per year in print/online issues, and new articles are published several times a week online. The good news is that they do not charge any author fees, and all research articles are made free access online 6 months after publication on the JAMA website. This journal is highly selective and more research-oriented submissions.

Student BMJ – Student British Medical Journal

Launched in 1992, The Student BMJ is an offset of the renowned British Medical Journal and it focuses on issues surrounding medical students and how important medical and political topics may impact your future medical career path. They are a digital, print and live publication in which students can submit articles on a variety of relevant issues. Since the British Medical Journal is very competitive and typically has a low acceptance rate of articles – submitting articles through the Student BMJ is good practice. Read more about article submission to the Student BMJ here: http://student.bmj.com/student/static-pages.html?pageId=2

Medical Education Related


MedEdPORTAL is the Association of American Medical Colleges’ peer-reviewed publication database. They focus on medical education and learning modules. A caveat is that they do not accept traditional articles or manuscripts that only describe a resource, project, or curriculum. Also, clinical research that is not related to instructional methods or design is typically not considered to fall within the scope of MedEdPORTAL Publications.


Publishing Your Research at Medical Conferences

If you feel as though you need more experience in presenting at conferences, you can begin by publishing your research in a poster session at various medical conferences.  Most medical education conferences have a number of poster sessions that are displayed during the conference and you are given time to conduct a short presentation on your research. Some medical conferences (internationally focused) include:

AMSA – American Medical Student Association

IFMSA General Assembly

AAMC Annual Meeting

CUGH – Consortium of Universities for Global Health

AMEE – Association for Medical Education in Europe

AMA – Regional and specialty conferences

Find a Professor to Co-Author a Research Article

Network with your professors and see if they are willing to let you participate in a research opportunity and possible co-author articles. Co-authoring with a professor is a great way to be mentored in how to publish articles and allow you to practice research methods.

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