How Much Do Residents Make?


Once medical students graduate and become doctors, they enter the dreadful phase of RESIDENCY. Residency is mandatory in order to become a licensed physician and the shortest residency is 2-3 years. The good news is that residents receive a yearly salary. The bad news is that because residents are no longer considered students, they have to begin making student loan payments – at times up $1000 per month! On average, residents make approximately $55,000 a year. However, the salaries can vary from $50,000 to $70,000 a year. Most students do not work during their medical school, although there are very determined [...]

How Much Do Residents Make?2017-02-02T01:04:18-05:00

Health Professionals that make over $100,000 annually (excluding Physicians)


Many students who are interested in the healthcare field falsely believe that only physicians make over $100,000. There are many other healthcare professionals that easily make over $100,000, including nurses and physician assistants. However, to be a nurse or a physician assistant making over $100,000, you need years of appropriate training and certification. CRNA – Certified Nurse Anesthetist make over $160,000 annually   CRNAS spend 2-3 more years in school than RNs and LPNs, who do not need to earn a graduate degree. CRNAs require graduate level education and clinical training. They are responsible for monitoring and evaluating patient’s pain and [...]

Health Professionals that make over $100,000 annually (excluding Physicians)2017-02-02T01:04:18-05:00

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