Personal Conversations


A personal conversation is like a private thread/discussion viewable to only those invited to join the conversation. You can invite people at any stage in the conversation. You can invite up to 5 members to participate in the conversation. If there is a response to a conversation or you have been invited into one then you will get an alert in your inbox at the top right of the page. To start a new conversation Hover over your name at the top right of the page then click on preferences. Then this will take you to your preferences page where you [...]

Personal Conversations2017-02-01T21:33:51-05:00

Replying to a Post


At the bottom of the page, there is a Post Reply Box where you can type into and add media and/or pictures and go to more options if needed. Then click on the "Post Reply" button underneath. The post box will look like this but have your avatar at the side...  

Replying to a Post2017-02-01T21:32:19-05:00



A signature is text or images or both that a member will have show up underneath very post they make. For example; How to get a signature To get a signature you need to first decide what you are going to use and find out if you have permission to use it. Then go to your name at the top right and hover over it, then click on signature. This will take you to the box where you can add in a signature. It's advised to click preview before save to make sure you have it the way you want it [...]


Uploading Avatars


To upload an avatar go to the top of the page to your name and hover the mouse over it so you get a drop down box appear with a list of functions, click on Avatar. This will bring up a box like this...box like this...   In the first box you can upload your chosen picture to become your avatar from your computer and it is recommended that it is at least 200x200 pixels. Click on "Choose File" and select an image to use. Then click on "Okay" at the bottom. OR You can use Gravatar. Gravatar is an image [...]

Uploading Avatars2017-02-01T21:30:48-05:00

Starting a New Discussion(Thread)


Click on the forum that you want to post in. Then at the top right there is a button titled "Post New Thread", just click on this and it will take you to this screen below Add in your title to your thread ie; "Hello I'm new". Then type into the box underneath. When you are done with your message and want to post it click on the "Create Thread" button just below. This will create a basic thread with no polls or pictures.

Starting a New Discussion(Thread)2017-02-01T21:30:06-05:00

What is an Avatar?


Avatars are small images that help to represent you on the forums and that appear next to every post you make and on your profile and profile card. An example of a profile card (you see this when you click on someone’s avatar in a post) is below. Savannah Cat Chat by default does not have a personalized avatar picture upon registration, but there is sometimes an exception. The situations are: - Without a gender, this is a question mark. - With a gender selected you will get a default gender avatar; male or female icon. - If you are a [...]

What is an Avatar?2017-02-01T21:29:50-05:00

Watched Threads


You have the option to watch any thread you like and to receive emails when there are new posts in that thread also. To do this go to the thread you want to watch and click on Watch Thread in the top right of the thread. You will get this pop-up asking if you want to receive email notifications if someone posts in that thread from now onwards. To view all your watched threads just simply go to your Name at the top of the page and click on watched threads. This will take you to a page that will show [...]

Watched Threads2017-02-01T21:29:10-05:00

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