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What is an Avatar?

Avatars are small images that help to represent you on the forums and that appear next to every post you make and on your profile and profile card. An example of a profile card (you see this when you click on someone’s avatar in a post) is below. Savannah Cat Chat by default does not have a personalized avatar picture upon registration, but there is sometimes an exception. The situations are:

– Without a gender, this is a question mark.

– With a gender selected you will get a default gender avatar; male or female icon.

– If you are a member of, either it recognizes your email and syncs the avatar, or you could enter an (alternative) email and test that, if found, select that one.

– And of course, you could upload your own custom avatar.

The user does not have to think about resizing anything. In the avatar editor, there’s a preview of your uploaded avatar, you can move the mouse around here to refocus the square.

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